Banded Thong Bikini

Be hot as the summer sun with a banded thong bikini. This swimwear will really draw attention from guys on the beach. This apparel provides minimal covering. However, instead of strings, it rides on your waist through a band, which can be folded if you want to reveal more.

This stylish bottom comes in various colors and designs. No matter what your body structure is, you will surely find one that would render you the look of a sizzling beachside babe. Below are some guidelines that you can consider when shopping for your bottom and matching top.

Do you want to accentuate your best features?

If you want to draw the eye to your assets, you can do this by opting for a swimsuit that reveals and emphasizes those parts. For instance, you have wonderful legs or great buttocks. You can draw the attention of the viewers to these body parts by wearing a bottom with a big floral design or other interesting patterns. You can then just pair it with a plain and simple top to make your lower torso more interesting than the upper part.

Do you want to hide your weak points?

If you don’t feel confident about your hips and legs, you can hide it by using a dark and simple thing. You should then invite the eye to your upper torso by using a brightly colored and beautifully designed top. You can have a wide array of options for the upper part apparel. There is the triangle, the halter, the spaghetti, and strapless cuts.

Do you want to enhance your figure?

If you want to look slimmer, you can shop for a two-piece in a dark color. This would create a slimming effect on you. However, if you want to give the opposite effect, just opt for a bikini that has bright colors. You can actually mix and match different tops and bottoms so you can achieve the effect that you desire.

Do you want to look unique?

If you want to be extra hot and truly unique, you can choose a swimwear with exotic patterns such as animal prints and images of tropical jungles. There are also many choices for the materials; there are velvet, cotton, and see-through types of fabric. You can really be an attention-grabber if you stroll along the beach on a sheer or mesh apparel. Velvet and cotton swimsuits are also very sexy and trendy as well.